5 tips to rock Ironman Lanzarote 70.3

Oct 5, 2018 2:53:00 PM
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In just a few days, you will enter one of the most beautiful but toughest Ironman courses on the planet!

To make sure you perform at your best, we asked Ironman legend Luc Van Lierde ( 2 x Hawaii winner and coach of today’s triathlon elite) 5 of his best tips for racing in Lanzarote!

 1. Start hydrating 2 days before the race

 Lanzarote has a warm climate, with a predicted temperature on Saturday of 24 degrees. The steep climbs combined with the hot weather will have you sweat.. a lot!

Just drinking during the race will not do it: start hydrating 2 days before, paying attention to your urine colour, which should be clear.

Don’t neglect your sodium and electrolytes by sipping on a good isotonic during the day, and don’t overdrink either: drinking too much water causes too much sodium loss.

In the two hours before the race, drink 5-10 ml per kilo of bodyweight. So a 70 kg athlete should drink up to 700 ml during the 2 hours before the start.

 2. Respect your zones

 Ok, it’s a race and you’re excited, but you should always stick to your heart rate zones. If it means slowing down on the Lanzarote hills: do so! It is very easy to burn out on this course, so keep a track on your heart rate and zones to make sure not to overexert yourself.

 3. Respect your nutrition plan

 Yes, it is called the fourth discipline of triathlon for a reason: you can’t get a good result without a plan – and sticking to it. The course nutrition is provided by HIDDIT, the premium triathlon brand, so make sure to take the gels, bars and isotonic drinks you will find along the course.

This will make sure you have enough energy, electrolytes and hydration to perform at your best.

No plan yet? Don’t worry, it’s not too late: download HIDDIT’s free Racing Nutrition E-book here, and build your plan for the race! 

4. Don’t force it on the hills

Overheating, dehydrating, bonking,… It’s all too familiar on the Lanzarote hills. Especially here, keep paying attention to your zones and nutrition plan, and you’ll leave a lot of racers behind that pushed too hard, too soon!

5. Be safe, be safe, be safe

It is a race, but also just a game: you are on one of the toughest courses out there, so listen to your body. Pay attention to your environment, and don’t take huge risks.

Instead, try to enjoy the beautiful experience of racing in one of the most magical places on earth! Safely.



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