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Oct 5, 2018 3:19:25 PM
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Proper nutrition is always important, but it is critical on race day, making the difference between winning and not even finishing.

HIDDIT provides the course nutrition for several national and international triathlon competitions such as Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote and Ocean Lava.

More than being a sponsor, we take a professional and scientific approach to this extremely important part of a race.

Our approach

1. Examining the course

 One size does not fit all – we keep repeating it. When deciding on what to offer, we look at all the available aid stations on the track, and develop a nutritional offer in close collaboration with the organization.

We take into account what kind of track it will be, as well as the expected temperature of the day.

 2. Determining what products to put on which locations

In deciding what to offer, we look at two very important factors: hydration and fuel.

We make sure the athletes have every opportunity to top up on hydration, and always supply Isotonic with electrolytes, to compensate the loss of fluids and minerals, especially in hot weather.

Ideally, the athlete should have several occasions per hour to drink and eat.

During the bike ride, we always offer Energy Fruit Bars, and shift our focus on Energy Gels during the run – when the gastric system is under even more stress due to the higher heartrates, sweat ratio and impact.

Deciding the location and offer of the aid stations makes a huge difference in the race experience.

3. Making sure the products are used correctly

Race promotors make extensive use of volunteers to man the aid stations, and we can’t thank them enough! Sometimes they are not familiar with our products, so we make it very simple to use them correctly. For instance, we deliver our Isotonic in special pots, weighed out perfectly, so it just needs to be added to our HIDDIT cooling containers to provide a true isotonic drink.

Unfortunately we’ve often witnessed sports drinks being prepared ‘to taste’, negating their benefit.

4. We are there!

We don’t just send our products – we join the race. That way we can advise and assist during the race, and are at hand to make some last minute changes if necessary.

course nutrition IM70.3

We approach course nutrition the way we do our products, ensuring your sacrifices pay off on race day.

Hope to see you at a HIDDIT-fueled race soon!

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