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Aug 1, 2018 1:35:00 PM
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There are many theories about sports nutrition. A lot of research has been conducted in the field and opinions vary widely.

Hiddit started by approaching athletes who reached the absolute top in their discipline, and asked them what was at the core of their success. Want to know how to achieve something? Ask the one who has already done it! The input of our ambassador Luc Van Lierde, 2 time Ironman World Champion, was our starting point.


Once we knew what products Luc wanted to bring to the market, we analyzed scientific literature to find out if the assumptions were supported by sound research. Only products and formulas that had a solid scientific validation were considered for production.

On top, our triathlon nutrition range was thoroughly screened by sports doctor Françoise Wellekens, herself quadruple world champion triathlon. 

If new scientific results are published that can improve our formulas, Hiddit will adjusts its products accordingly. 


Once we determined our formulas, we went out looking for the best possible ingredients worldwide. There are considerable differences in the quality of the basic raw materials so we did not take this selection lightly.

For instance, for our Omega 3 Fish Oil, we chose a manufacturer who distills molecularly: a more expensive production process which ensures that there are no heavy metals in the end product. Equally important, this manufacturer has a ' Friend of the Sea ' certificate and therefore operates in a sustainable way.

In the Hiddit Triathlon range, you will never find artificial sweeteners such as sucralose, acefulsaam K or aspartame. Our deliberate choice to use only natural sweeteners makes it more complex and more expensive to obtain a good taste. However, we find it worthwhile. The quality of a top product always starts with the right choice of ingredients. No compromises here.


Our entire production takes place in Europe, of which 90% in Belgium. Again we select the best, most accredited producers to convert our formulas into superior sports nutrition. 

Quality control

Hiddit takes the extra step: after production, samples of our products are sent to different official institutions. 

1. Content analysis

An independent laboratory tests the content of our products to ensure that the composition of our formulas is respected. This way, for example, we are 100% sure our Isotonic and Recovery meet our requirements.

quality check

2. Anti-Doping

Our products are used by professional athletes who are subject to doping controls. Again, we take no risks here: The Sports University of Cologne  will test every single batch of sports nutrition we produce.

Cologne doping test

3. Control by the FASFC

Belgium has one of the strictest legislations in Europe when it comes to food supplements. The Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain checks whether a product complies with legislation and health regulations. 

All these checks assure Hiddit customers are delivered top quality products. We love it when our triathletes get what they pay for!


The experience of a top athlete, a solid scientific foundation and an uncompromising choice of the best ingredients. That is why Hiddit is so popular with professional and recreational athletes. That is why Hiddit helps to transform your sacrifices into personal success.

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